Cory Brookshire, an actor, dancer, model appeared in "The Fall Fashion Week 2004", modeling clothes by
Franklin Rowe.  His acting credits include 'Flava' Flave look-a-like on NBC's "30 Rock", featured roles on
MTV's "Yo Mamma" and "My Sweet Sixteen".

He made his Hip Hop Musical Mystery debut in the role of "Thomas Martin, Juror" in Hankins'
MOST UNUSUAL.  After a successful theater run in 2005, the filmed version of A WEAPON MOST UNUSUAL
won 2006 Best Musical Film Short in both the Spring and Fall Festivals at the New York International
Independent Film & Video Festival, New York City. (

Cory distinguished himself yet again in the leading role of  "T.R., Drug Dealer" in the theater version of
A MURDER AT THE CHURCH at the 2007 Strawberry Theatre Festival and the 2007 Potpourri Theatre
Festival in New York City.  The feature-length film will be released in 2008.
In the role of "Thomas Martin, Salesman, Juror"
In the Hip Hop Musical Mystery,
"This is a very funny production.  The eight actors who are performing live bring so much to the audience and
they are complimented by the gifted actors who are on the video recording.  One of the things that I really
enjoyed about the production was that the audience was exposed to the inner thoughts of the jury members.
I was in stitches to hear some of the inner thoughts of the jury in the production because I could identify."          
Nicole U. Hopkins, The Black Star News
"Hankins turns a jaundiced eye and ear to the inside of
the Jury Room.  We watch them bicker, argue, even
physically fight to persuade one another.  Most troubling
is that many of them made up their minds before the
trial began!  So that as the trial proceeds one is actually
thinking about the defendant's clothes, another about
going on vacation, and a third is worrying about getting
back to work."             
Ernece B. Kelley, New York Beacon
"The jury is a wonderfully chosen cast of actors with
expressive, captivating faces that work well in extreme
close-ups. . .One man raps, "I gave her the benefit of the
doubt. She's guilty, there's no way out." A woman
counters, "Hold on, big guy, not so fast. Maybe he drove
her to kill his ass." In between stanzas, the men rap,
"Stupid bitch," while the woman shake their heads and
say, "Don't let no man treat you like that.

One cannot help but marvel at the perfect coordination as
the jurors speak their dialogue in sync with the hip-hop
song underscoring their words. The beat pushes its way
into your subconscious, causing many a serious-faced
patron to tap a foot while visibly swaying shoulders to the
Adrienne Cea, "Dinner With Felons", OffOffOnLine February 6, 2005
Brookshire in the leading role of "T.R., Drug Dealer"
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