Actor, Singer, Dancer, Composer, Lyricist, Pianist, Director, Videographer
"Multiple-threat Hankins . . .", Jeanette Toomer, Backstage NYC
In the role of "Amanda Warren, Defense Attorney"
"Perhaps its no coincidence that Ms. Hankins gives herself the best
number in the show, the catchy "By Hook or Crook," in which the
defense attorney sings of her predicament to sell her clients sketchy
story to the jury while keeping in mind how much money shes making
off the trial.  The song works not only because its hummable but
because in the true fashion of musical theater it explores a characters
inner conflict and advances the story nicely."
John Thomas, "Revenge Most Sweet",  The Drama Review March 2005
"One can have a good "brunch"  accompanied by a drama, 'A
Weapon Most Unusual', by Jacqueline Hankins, a beautiful actress
who is also director, producer and composer of the musical."
Mario Fratti, America Oggi, NY  
"Wright and author-composer-director Hankins, who also plays
defense attorney Amanda Warren, deliver fireworks in their
argumentative duet, 'Get Her Off'."
Jeanette Toomer, BackstageNYC
"This is a very funny production.  The eight actors who
are performing live bring so much to the audience and
they are complimented by the gifted actors who are on
the video recording."
Nicole U. Hopkins, The Black Star News
"Among the principal actors, standout performers are Ann Estill as Mrs.
Martinez, a housekeeper who spills incriminating stuff and Hankins herself
in the juicy role of Mrs. Cook's attorney.  Both have extensive careers in
the theater, with Estill holding a doctorate in voice performance."                 
Ernece B. Kelley, New York Beacon
In the role of "Kenya Johnson, Society Wife"
"Two things about Jacqueline Hankins: she is lacking for neither
talent nor energy.  In the theater piece that she is presenting,
"Cooking The Books: A Recipe For Murder", she has written,
composed, directed and acts in it.  She also handles the film editing
and the publicity.  If that isn't enough, if members of the audience
arrive early enough, she will greet them, show them to their seats and
go about arranging the technical details of the production."
Gene Kilik, Town and Village
"Using every bit of her special brand of ingenuity, playwright-producer
Jacqueline Hankins has carefully blended talent and imagination to
craft a spicy bit of genuine entertainment.  A zany off-Broadway
production, it cleverly mixes music, mystery, murder, and mirth with a
rhyming beat."  
 Agnes E. Green, Spring Creek Sun
"The woman to woman fight scene, featuring the naughtily
delightful "Bitch" song alone is worth the price of admission.  This
entertaining "bourgeois goes a bit ghetto" number rings true by
simultaneously shocking you while keeping it real, but always giving
you a good, deep chuckle. . . The greatest kudos go to Jacqueline
Hankins, who is a writer, composer, director, actor, singer and film
editor and is truly a renaissance woman."
Grace Williams, The Daily Challenge
"The play can be very funny at times.  One scene which will have
you laughing is when Abigail Morris, an attorney, argues with
Kenya Johnson, the widow of the murdered man.   Comparing notes
on their lives, they sing the hilarious song, 'Bitch, I'm Better Than
Linda Armstrong, New York Amsterdam News
In the role of "Claudine Peters, Church Choir Director"
"A Murder at the Church is a multimedia presentation fusing video and stage acting with gospel, reggae, jazz
and rhythmic verse.  Hankins and her actors have brought forth a thoughtful, gripping story."
Angel L. Martinez, Independent Media Center
". . . A hip-hop musical mystery with an enjoyable score that features a cast that goes all out in a bold
musical-comedy performance."  
Jeanette Toomer, Backstage, NYC